Scallop-derived plasmalogen supplements

Production Area

Our plasmalogen supplements are made from Japanese scallop mantles cultivated in the Okhotsk Sea, one of the cleanest waters in the world. The annual production of scallop adductor muscles from aquaculture is 497,000 tons in Japan (2020). Besides domestic consumption, 40% to 60% of them are exported to China, where scallops sell high. Scallop adductor muscles are of great strategic importance to Japan as marine resources. In contrast to the massive consumption of adductor muscles, scallop mantles are largely underutilized except for the limited use as dried products. Our supplements are made from plasmalogens, essential to life, which are extracted and purified from these scallop mantles with the patented technology.

Manufacturing Process

Purchase of frozen scallops

Ethanol extraction

Ethanol evaporation・collection


Quality Control

Quality Control Certification obtained by our cooperative company:

Fixed-point inspection

Monthly measurement of plasmalogen content for each production lot and strict control of
product expiration dates


 No. 6518800 ( 2019.4.26 )

“ Method for manufacturing functional materials containing plasmalogens”



  • Plasmalogen BOOCS
    Taking a long-term view of brand building to clarify the relationship between brain fatigue
    and plasmalogens

Japan sales Products (as of Sep. 2022)

  • Special, Food with Functional Claims (Plasmalogen BOOCS)
    Raw material: scallop extract (Japanese), starch decomposition product, ɤ-cyclodextrin and
    HPMC Functional active ingredient: 0.5 mg of plasmalogens per capsule×60 capsules
  • SHUCHU-OH (Plasmalogen BOOCS)
    Raw material: scallop extract (Japanese), starch decomposition product, ɤ-cyclodextrin,
    HPMC and organogermanium
    Functional active ingredient: 1.5 mg of plasmalogens per capsule×15 capsules, 10.0 mg of
    organogermanium per capsule×15 capsules