Press release

2022.07.12:Results from a Double-blind Randomized Controlled Trial of Scallop-derived Plasmalogens Published in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology

2022.08.04:World’s First Discovery of Scallop-derived Plasmalogens Enhancing Antiviral Action

2022.09.06: Scallop-derived Plasmalogens Enhance Memory and Learning in Mice: the Mechanism Elucidated 


  • 2020.11.10RKB Mainichi Broadcasting “ Dataima ! Sakata‘s Concerned News about the red blood cell deformability measuring device
  • 2020.8.13 Press conference on the new coronavirus and evaluation from the viewpoint of brain fatigue and innate immunity in the announcement of the release plan of the antibody quantitative testing system by Professor Yasufumi Murakami of Tokyo University of Science Announcement of the release plan of the antibody quantitative testing system 

YouTube (video of the live-streamed press conference)



2020.7.11 RKB Mainichi Broadcasting “Tokowaka of Wakako Ikejiri”  about System about brain fatigue

●2019.6.11 NHK BS Premium”The new normal for beauty and youthfulness – The secrets of the body – Prolongedtiredness “brain fatigue” is the great enemy of beauty! The “brain fatigue” is a great enemy of beauty!

●2018.2.23BS-TBS”Health Science Mystery! The front line of “rejuvenation” medicine” – Plasmarogen fordementia

●2015.2.8 TBS TV“Yume no Tobira +”on “New approach to dementia! New Substance to Protect theBrain


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●July 29, 2022issue of PRESIDENT (summer vacation special issue) / President Inc.

●CLINIC Banbu (general information magazine for general practitioners) / Nihon IryoKikaku

●Health Science (Health Care Information Magazine) / Kyorin Shoin Co.

●Food and Medical Care (magazine with special features and articles on food andmedical care) / Kodansha Editorial

●Kyushu Medical Affairs Shimpo (a newspaper specializing in regional medical careand medical management)/Kyushu Medical Affairs Shimpo Co.

●Health Industry News (specialized information newspaper for the health industry) /Informa Markets Japan Co.

● (information site for dementia patients and their family caregivers) /SMS Inc.

● (comprehensive medical information for healthcare professionals) / M3, Inc 

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